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Description: "Xuesong Zhuantouwangxiang Ye Xiao Ye Xiao is looking at Murong Reaching smiled and said:" Reaching, you know, to let your dad standing behind dragon to help each year he was asked to do three things, in the end what happened, you know? "See Ye Xiao even Tian Zhuolian to ask such questions, two bodyguards standing the Murong Reaching behind a black line, if the black widow, Xuesong they are Ye Xiao, then the two bodyguards is no doubt that the Murong Cangshan, listening to Ye Xiao, the Murong Reaching shook his head and said: "In particular, my dad did not give me that, but a big man hands with a control, or even several shares the power of each year, these the VIP hands of the power, will be shot a test, but a test every year is different, each province is determined by the top heavyweights to, I remember my dad to me said that winning or losing seems to be related to their career. "After listening to Murong Reaching, Ye Xiao nodded his head, he is also very clear fact, now the world