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Description: "Hey, you have to do what you Kuaifang Kai ...... a panic," the woman's face white hands crazy beat Ye Xiao's back, but her point effort, even to Ye Xiao tickle not qualified "Yep, you in the end what to do, you quickly put down Misha?" Hear Ye Xiao questioning, see Xiao Ye do things, and graduated from grace this time is completely panic Ye Xiao ignore graduated Well, Mischa span the arena on the sidelines, then surprised eyes of the crowd, directly to the back of Mischa toward the bottom of throwing out ...... ah ... "Misha's mouth came a cry sounds miserable, many people are frightened and closed his eyes, they really did not expect this oriental man could be so cruel, a large living throw opinions toward the following Misha thought he was definitely going to be killed, even if not be dashed in pieces, will be torn by the beast below, Ye Xiao suddenly stretched out his right hand, grabbed her ankles, then her body so the entire inverted, dresses tossed away towards the direction of