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Title: 57477_96957477_3786
URL: http://stylos-montblanc.webnode.fr/
Description: "Large and small, the brothers are over, this is what you want to shipment ......" Soon, more than 20 man all gathered at the side of the Wang Yang, a height of two meters man went straight to the king positive side, look respectful towards Wang Yang said, "I see ......" Wang Yang nodded, open road open ...... "That man gave the order, immediately someone open the wooden box, Wang Yang and Xu legacy towards walked with a wooden box set eyes, covered with straw, but the straw out, which turned out to be buried black paint guns, firearms, is not an ordinary ****, even all kind of heavy fire submachine gun, there are a lot of bullets, Wang Yang, they have looked the other wooden box In addition to these submachine gun, bombs, and even two rocket barrel, plus five cartons full of bullets ... ... "You want a billion dollars to buy these things?" enough to see so many scary heavy arms, face Xu legacy not the slightest bit surprised by the color, but pale and asked, "No, these arms in the co