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URL: http://jordan999.webs.com/
Description: This dragon to help his mother too Niubi! First off we revealed the church, and now again the idea of ​​playing underground casino. "One old man, listening to and shook his head and said:" Long Gang powerful, not that you can ever imagine. "After listening to the old man, all turned over, one of the age of only twenty a teenager, frowned Road:" Yeh, you say, this dragon to help in the end what is fast hardware? I investigated the dragon to help, but is a less than one year before the rise of the gang, and gang inside only two mysterious warrior, a dragon main one is that called SHANGGUAN Erh woman , such a force, even become a giant dragon Province? "The old man stroked his gray beard, smiled and shook his head and said:" not we are able to know the secret. "Yeh, you say, the dragon help on underground gambling then a monster, and finally who would win? Another man asked with a smile. "Do not know this. "The old man shook his head, faint:" the dragon to help the Dragon Lord, resourcef