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Description: Ranging Zhu Hongsen opening, the ghost continued: "If there is a young master to come to the fore that time, I can be the way the ghost squad find his hand inside. "After listening to ghost Zhu Hongsen face becomes thickened, a total of three sons, but unfortunately, the three sons of a synthesizer, or else, he would have let one of his sons to participate in their own things inside, to think the ghosting said that the elimination rate, do not have the heart to throw into his son, and then waste even if their son, after all, his son, the Haitian so much forces, would eventually handed inside of his son's hand, even if the sons were dead, then he struggled a lifetime, what is the point? see Zhu Hongsen concerns, the faint ghost said: "I will guarantee that one will be alive and well. "After listening to ghost Zhu Hongsen eyelids suddenly hop, after a long time before teeth:" Well, all three people throw into. "Complete profile as if the old good old, he is a fierce and ambitious, but t