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URL: http://terre-d-hermes-pas-cher.webnode.fr/
Description: Others are Ye Xiao aggressive gas to the shock of the earthquake, but these people obviously are a group of outlaws, especially Mr Peter Wong, Ye Xiao Lian hurt themselves brother, and his heart was furious, grabbed a direct machetes, personally flutter over This is obviously also a practiced a few years of the players directly knife designated Ye Xiao neck, which is Xiao Ye is now the most difficult to avoid and resist the face of a sharp knife, Ye Xiao head Xun leaned back to insurance, and insurance to avoid the knife, but Mr Peter Wong has lightning kick, kick in the lower abdomen Ye Xiao, and his strength is great, even Ye Xiao entire body kick fly heavy fall on the ground, knees and ground impact issue a loud bang ... "Go to hell," Mr Peter Wong grinning, armed with machetes, knife look directly to the back of the head of Ye Xiao ...... "Brother ...... has been Ye Xiao care in the the the behind the Chu Yuxuan Seeing mouth exclaimed, young body directly towards Ye Xiao rushed ov