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Title: 57477_135357477_585
URL: http://montblanc-espagne.webnode.fr/
Description: "Pop ..." a loud noise, Ye Xiao single hand to seize basketball, fiercely buckle in the basket, to see it fall into the box basketball, the site of what has become a silence, everyone stunned watching it all ...... basketball can be played? One directly over the five individuals gave? This ... this how it feels like in a movie? "Ye Xiao, fuel, administered win ...... but the silence for a moment, Ouyang the Qianqian already jumped, she calls the silent scene is completely point explosion, is administered by the Department of fans, a a loud calling leaves Xiao name ... the eyes of a lot of girls have cropped up blossoming Venus, their mind constantly circled Ye Xiaoqiang potential dunk scene, MAN, is simply too domineering ...... even administered by the Department of the players one by one excited, even now to the fourth quarter, even now 18 points behind, but do not know why, but they think will win ... a fast back on defense, and the Department of Physical recovered from the shock,