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There Is A Fossil Watch For Any Occasion

Title: There Is A Fossil Watch For Any Occasion
URL: http://mk-factory.tumblr.com/
Description: Perhaps the most timeless of fashion accessories ?pun intended ?is the wristwatch. Aside from their obvious role as a timepiece that has kept us on schedule throughout the decades, the watch plays an equal role when it makes a statement of style and success. The right watch can convey a message about you just as much as your clothes, and while everyone knows the kind of message sent by a Rolex or Cartier watch, it is no secret that their exorbitant price tag is part of that equation. However, with a Fossil watch you can embrace a sense of style without spending hundreds or even thousands, and you can even do it with your own personal flair. Started in 1984, the Fossil watch company has staked their place on the wristwatch landscape by providing a selection of watches that can appeal to a wide range of tastes and nearly any budget. Offering casual and dress watches that typically cost between $50 and $150 dollars, a Fossil watch is not a cheap watch; it is an affordable, high quali