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on the second day early in the morning

Title: on the second day early in the morning
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Description: lord the son completely kill a pig with generally and completely have no side of action, then have peace of mind of stop for rest, on the second day early in the morning, 13 emperors the son all over and achingly wake up and see on opening eyes the Yuan Ning lie prone on the bed to look down him and ask him, "does the floor sleep so much?"´╗┐Ning son Jue wear open mouth to lie prone at is 13 emperor son mansion Liu gold of front door up, looking at two madams to love of hope her, let go of the car Lian son, the wagon leaves no track but go, the Ning son has already grown abandoned felling, she didn't put string firecrackers, how put into oneself to come in a so big big prison that torments a person, if is true into the words of prison in the sky, having no quasi- three elder sisterses can also save her to go out, the Ning son more thinks more is get angry more think to is more sad, finally simply sit at 13 emperor sub- front door threshold up, the tears keeps Mao. The small Si of 13