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Description: 5 Dog Facts You Probably Didn't Know While most of the country has had a hot streak or two this summer, those weren't officially "dog days" unless they occurred in late July or August at least in the Northern Hemisphere. That's because the term "dog days" refers to a period when Sirius the "dog star," part of the constellation Canis Major is brightest in the summer sky. The ancient Romans marked these days from July 2324 to August 2324, noting that they were typically the hottest days of the year. Eventually, the phrase "dog days" came to mean any hot streak in the summer. Did you know that? The reason I did is because I love learning new things. I always have, and I hope I always will. I've always clipped interesting stories from newspapers and magazines, and in a way I still do, although these days I usually snap a picture with my smartphone and send it to friends and family. I've gone through my files and two of my own books to find five tidbits worthy of being par