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billiga michael kors-Help me with my 18 year old brother

Title: billiga michael kors-Help me with my 18 year old brother
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Description: Help me with my 18 year old brother My little brother, 18, was diagnosed as bi polar a year and a half ago. I have been for 8 years now. While at first I was a helpful influence for him, our relationship has grown strained. I got into drugs in a bad way for three years starting at around age 18 and messed myself up a bit. My brother was first institutionalized a year ago and had been found to be smoking a lot of pot. The pot smoking causes nasty mood swings and hallucinations for him. His "self medicating" was in fact worsening his situation. After being hospitalized for a second time because of the bipolar and substance abuse he promised to clean up and appeared to be for a while. Now here is where I screwed up One night I hear my brother come in and I go up to say hi. He seemed out of it but I didn't press the issue. Thirty minutes later I went to the car we share to retrieve something only to discover it reeked of weed. An important note at this point is I'm a miserable drunk