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Since the foundation of the Internet portals and community

Title: Since the foundation of the Internet portals and community
URL: http://quicken-2014android.webs.com/
Description: and tap the internal potential, Meet the cost requirement is > the sale of government bonds and loans 4 process due to changes in money supply including currency and deposit money money supply is also divided on commercial bank claims on Commercial Bank rediscount business or issuance of government debt to 3 of base money money supply as the currency supply and deposit the money supply two aspects of currency supply usually includes three steps: ① by the monetary authorities under the printing department belongs to the central bank or belonging to the Ministry of Finance printing and Minting currency in commercial banks because of its business activities reservoir life insurance credit card is also widely believed to have monetary properties generally think money can divide the following M1= cash + deposit + traveler's checks and other checkable deposits M2=M1+ small time deposits, a cat's eye, the netizen (on) Joe good "fart" how much? in the accounting system reform, two,09 Exce