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Description: Not only would that be very big, it is approaching the level of the shift that launched the Boxing Day disaster. I looked at the earthquake maps run by the geological survey and as usual, it shows many micro quakes along the upper arm of the San Andreas and there is the usual activity at the Salton Sea segment which lies below the San Andreas but the middle section which is in red at the map above, here, that is onimously silent. We had a few vigorous quakes this year right at the ocean at the very top of the fault line and at the very base but nothing in the middle above a 4.5 Mag. People have no idea how much water they use daily or how much one has to have at hand. I lived without pumped water for many years and had to go to a spring and fill containers and drag them home. I was very careful about how much water I used and even so, for a family of just three very thrifty, careful people, it was 60+ gallons a week. And I do mean 'thrifty' with precious water! I have a 250 gallon wat