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Description: Brett ridiculed, rainy days do not mind, just whispered the words, "What? "How is this possible? "His words, the audience are scared, even Waltz * Louis and Shangguan no way surprised face looking at the rainy days, obviously difficult to accept such a message to know, the Virgin of the Holy See, which was the symbol of the holy , if hundreds of millions of Catholics to know someone slander their saint, that, even by the forces of the Dark Council, it is difficult to block those crazy followers to attack the rainy days, but will the dark Parliament to death matter of course, if this news is true, then the Dark Council, is definitely a big good news, but in addition to waltz, he just did not believe that rainy days are saying is true, "the Pope is not a fool , how could I believe this is the case, the presiding judge, you here to talk about what not out in such irresponsible remarks, but give us great trouble "Brett is once again born quipped rainy days did not immediately speak no, bu