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Description: "Is not that a lot of inside the yellow level Warrior?" Li Fengming sad face asked. Ye Xiao nodded his head, Li Fengming brought out a cigarette lit, took a deep one, slowly said: "In fact, the very beginning, that thousands of my brothers inside, only two yellow level Warrior, Most of even the pinnacle of Warrior are not really so many years, they are on the battlefield, and above the yellow level Warrior, a yellow-class weapons, all their lives be forgotten, was transformed from , all with their own life in exchange. "After listening to Li Fengming, with at Xiao Ye behind the black widow and Xuesong, already is in awe. They are also raised to Yellow Warrior realm from that battle which, naturally very clear how the horrors of the kind of fighting, unless it is a miracle, have been able to survive, Ye Xiao Wang Li Fengming Chen Sheng asked : "Chen in the end how strong?" Li Fengming thought, shook his head and smile: "the truth?" nonsense. "Li Fengming shook his head and said:" I is